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Madhu throw blanket is a handwoven vintage embroidered tribal blanket, that can be also worn as an oversized shawl or poncho. This Large Indian Shawl, named Patu, is a beautiful artisan masterpiece that will make a great home decor addition as a throw blanket on your living room sofa, as a bedspread or a wall hanging. Because of the weaving technique using a traditional loom this shawl blanket is made from two parts that are stitched vertically.

The traditional antique blanket is made from pure wool with colorful handmade embroidery detail dyed using vegan colors from flowers and earth. It is handwoven by local women from Kulu and Kinor valley (North India) in the hills of stunning Himalayas, where each family has its own traditional patterns that are unique for them. The one of a kind pieces take months to make and are between 80-150 years old and very rare to find. It is a very unique accessory that was carefully hand-picked on the travels to the Himalayas. Please note that all items are photographed in indirect natural light, colors may vary on monitors and mobile devices. 

Colors: off-white blanket with a mix of pink, green, blue and orange embroidery with a nude line

127" x 44.5" / 323cm x 113cm

100% pure wool

Care: Dry clean only

All the blankets are going through a stain removing (dry cleaning) and fixing process since they are antique and are passed from generation to generation.

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